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Boyd Sewing & Vacuum

Hints & Tips

  • The major sewing machine manufactures recommend cutting the upper thread on the machine at the spool and then pulling the thread through the machine from the needle.  This procedure prevents twisting, knotting of the thread and the buildup of lint thus reducing risk of damage to the tension system.

  • Even if your machine has one of the new roller type tension system, this will prevent the thread tail from accidentally catching or wrapping itself around anything in its path thus breaking part of the thread off inside the machine.  When the thread is pulled through in this manner it is following the proper direction of the thread flow designed by the factory. 

  • When taking out the bobbin, it is recommended to drop the bobbin out of the bobbin case and cut the thread.  Then pull the little piece of thread from the outside.  This prevents thread tangles and lint buildup under the spring of the bobbin case.  This may sound like a waste of expensive thread, however, your machine is an investment and very good care should be taken of it.

  • Felting by hand has been popular for a long time, and it takes lots of time to finish one beautiful project. For any project that is flat such as vests, handbags, hats, coasters, place mats, scrapbooks and many more items there is a new embellishing machine, or attachments for others. No Threading or sewing needed - it simply "meshes" the fabrics together. The unique European art of machine needle felting, pushes fibers together creating beautiful surface embellishments. The Embellisher can needle felt in about one-fourth the time of the hand work. Fast and fun embellish with fabric, yarns, fibers, decorative threads and trims, paper and almost any other material for sewing.